Nebulous space game


If you do enjoy puzzles, physics, and exploration of space, then you are on the side of luck since Nebulous is a game of puzzle based on science from the Namazu Studios. This game will mess with your mind as gravity does.

The game requires you to guide an astronaut, Dash Johnson who is stranded. You should help him through the several levels that are like a maze.

You will get a challenge from the initial stages of the game, and you will have to solve some complicated puzzles so as to get your astronaut friend to a safe place. You will need patience, after some minutes of staring at your screen you will come up with an idea on how to unwrap the maze.

Nebulous is the only Android version of the most famous game that will allow you to build your organism. While gaming you need to keep off the larger players as you gradually grow the power of your blob then finally get the major blob.

Have more fun by dealing with conveyor belts, trampolines, and undependable gravity. The Nebulous was created with the idea of Oculus Rift. You can just rotate your head to pick and shift objects in every level, and this helps you to network with the world. You can use the mouse to play if you do not own a headset.

More than being an excellent puzzle Nebulous is quite challenging. What could be better than a game that can give your mind a challenge?


The game only requires you to place each of the varieties of objects in a manner that when astronaut Johnson falls from the initial point, momentum and gravity will take over.

Each contains five playfields which are arranged in the form of a cube. You need to spin the levels and shift the objects in every section, then let go of the astronaut trusting he will make it to the last wormhole.

The standard of complexity increases with every level as the number of objects increases. As in every level, there are new and different objects together with various configurations of wormhole you will not get the feeling of repetitive.

The varieties of objects available are bouncers, bouncy aliens, machines that vary gravity and even conveyor belts.


The sense of humor found in this game make it unique. The falling and encountering of unusual objects can give the impression of childish behavior, but the retorts of Commander Johnson make the whole thing so humorous something that is rare in other games.

Oculus Rift Support

The Nebulous game is VR ready, and it backs up the game with the use of Oculus Rift. Although the Nebulous was mainly designed for VR, you can play it using a controller or a mouse.

Purchasing the Nebulous game would make sense based on the extensive interaction you can get from it something that is hard to find in other games.

What Makes Nebulous A Perfect Choice.

It has impressive features qualifying it to be the best option for users of Android. Customization is available in the structure of 300 plus skin for gamers to open for the use of their blob. Also, it is easy to obtain extra customization options using nebulous hack.

Many of the exceptional skins need extraordinary accomplishments to unlock, and this offers you a regular new goal to attain.

The customization level permits the users to select their background of choice along with space themes and grid. The users are allowed to change their scheme of control to suit their likings.

For the time being, depth has been improved via a record system, accomplishments and practice. On top of that, there are the different modes the game offers: single player, capture the flag and also fun soccer to keep you coming back.

Another primary element that causes the addiction of Nebulous is the support of features like server leaderboards, clan system (with clan wars) and groups which make it quite easy for you to either make new friends or game with the existing ones.

If what you are looking for is a simple but interesting space game then Nebulous is your best choice, not to mention it can be used by Android users.


Nebulous can be summarized as:

– An Android game with the blob eating goodness.

– A game with many different levels

– It has puzzles which are great but challenging.

– A humorous and fun game.

– Unbalanced system ranking of 3-stars.

You will get a bit of rage due to the numerous tries you will make, you will also struggle for some time, but your patience will be rewarded.

Nebulous might not be the most amazing game in the market today, some even consider it to be rather short, but it is a relatively a decent game if you make a comparison with several games found in its genre.